Hi! I'm Jacob. 21-years-old student living in Belgium, passionate by design and music. I've wanted to create a website in order to sell pixel space for ads to collect money which would help me in my education, my futuristic operating system development, my magnetic energy generator development and in other projects.

Then I thought - "And what if I could help other people too?" - that's when the idea of grew up in my mind. I've realised that millions of despairing people in the world need our help, Your help. Millions of poor men, women and little children are victims of greed and hate which has poisoned our world. Let's change that, together.

80% of funds generated from Pixel Helpers will be donated to foundations helping out people from , and conflict victims. Also, if You'll buy some pixel space for Your ad on this website, You can be sure that it will stay here until the very end of the internet - it's Your own piece of the internet.

Become a true hero today. Let's become Pixel Helpers together.