In the beginning I was looking for a way to raise funds which would help me in my studies, my futuristic operating system development, my magnetic energy generator development and in my other projects.

Then, one day, I’ve realised that somewhere in this race called Life, I’m one of thousands who have lost their soul and let our world be ruled by greed, hate and intolerance. I’ve realised that millions of despairing people in the world need our help, and that I cannot think only about my own projects, I have to think also about the others who need us – it was on this moment when the idea of Pixel Helpers was born in my mind.

80% of funds generated from Pixel Helpers will be donated to foundations helping out people from Liberia, Haiti and Ukraine conflict victims. Also, if You will buy some pixel space for Your ad on this website, You can be sure that it will stay here until the very end of the internet.

Let’s be Pixel Helpers, together.

How To

Step One

Proceed to the pixels market section.

Step Two

Fill up all required fields, then proceed to Step Three.

Note: I need informations like Your email address to contact You in case of any issues or to send You helpful informations in the future – so please, enter a correct one to avoid any complications in the future.

Step Three

Select & Upload your image (.jpg, .png, .gif), then fill up the rollover text which will be displayed if someone will point the cursor on Your ad on the grid. At the end fill in the URL you want the image to be linked to.

Step Four

Place your picture on the grid (spaces that are already purchased or pending will show up as yellow squares), then proceed to the final step.

Step Five

Click “Pay with Credit Card or PayPal”. This will take you to the PayPal payment website where you can safely and securely submit your payment via Credit Card or PayPal account.

Once I have received your order I will approve your ad, process your payment, and make Your ad online forever.


Why should I participate?
First of all it’s a great way to promote Your project. Secondly it’s cheap, only €1.99 by pixel, and You only pay once. Also by participating in this project You are helping me to create some new innovations which can make life easier. But the real deal is that doing so, You are helping thousands of poor people who need food and love, need someone who cares, people who need us, You and me.

Is the purchase of pixels tax-deductible?
Yes, it is.

What forms of payment do you take?
All forms of payment offered by PayPal (Credit Card, Visa, others..)

Can I upload anything I want?
Yes, of course. I do not want to censor anything until I will consider it extremely obscene or offensive.

So I pay only one time?
Yes, that’s it! There’s only one payment, no subscriptions or hidden fees. You pay once and Your ad stay here forever and reminds everyone of You.

So this website will stay up forever?
Yes, I will maintain this website online until the very end of the internet or until I die (I’m 21 now so I hope I will stay here with You for a while).

I have a problem, question, need to talk…
Please proceed to the Contact Page and write me.

Can I modify my ad image?
No modifications are possible. Ad once submitted, stay on the grid forever, so please choose it wisely.

Can I change the position of my ad?
You cannot change Your ad position. Once chosen, it stay there forever.

Is there a possibility to remove my ad in the future and be refunded?
All sales are final. No Refunds are possible.